The HypnoBirthing® philosophy and method was born in 1989 in the United States. Everything started from one simple acknowledgement: birth is a natural and healthy process, so it can be a comfortable and calm experience.

Combining self-hypnosis and relaxation, HypnoBirthing® teaches you how to release those feelings of fear-tension-pain, and foster an air of deep and beneficial relaxation, to give birth in an easier and more comfortable manner.

Release your fears and doubts

HypnoBirthing® teaches you how to release the fear of pain, which keeps the body tense and closed during birth. It gives you greater confidence to trust the fact that your body knows how to bring your baby into the world in a calm and gentle way, just as nature intended it.

Experience a deep relaxation

Thanks to simple but specific hypnosis, relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques, HypnoBirthing®  teaches you how to reach a level of deep relaxation. This allows your muscles to work in perfect harmony and thus give birth to your baby easily.

The HypnoBirthing® exercises will lead to a happy and comfortable pregnancy and the confidence, trust and life-affirming nature of your birth can be life-changing for your new family.